I’m here to express my God-given talent.  Long hidden but no more. I’m a scientist by training but an artist by intuition and now a teacher in training.

Photography is my hobby but art is my sensibility. Its taken a long time to reach this point.   Giving expression to what lies beneath is highly satisfying & engaging.

No man is an island.  Share what you have.  This blog is about conveying how the art in me is given expression.  It has evolved.  I’ve evolved… to an avid iPhoneographer.

The immediacy of image taking and prompt manipulation is key.  Spontaneity rules.  No more brooding over images.

The shot is just the beginning.  I gotta to alter, manipulate and write.

I never though writing was important to me.  After all, the image should speak for itself. Right?!

No longer.

Image making needs context.  Thats my new mantra…

Until, I evolve some more…

PS. All images and text ©skootergraphics unless otherwise noted. Images and texts may not be reproduced in any way without written consent or proper credit.


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