As my son attends piano lessons, I wait outside on a porch looking at the garden whilst doing homework.
I can hear the occasional discordant notes which is normal but not pleasant to hear.
However seeing things that are discordant is actually interesting. These leaves caught my attention subconsciously. Something was not quite right in the pattern.
Hmm, maybe something to do with sound and light belonging to different realms.

Purple combo.


Our purple garden wall was until recently covered in trumpet vine. I gave the vine a severe pruning and it’s slowly growing back. Now, the combination of natural and man made lines complete with shadow is intriguing.

Working diagonally.


This triptych is about diagonal lines. The top is the original image followed by two iterations.
It’s an example of how I work through images on the fly using just the iPhone and various apps. I find working this way spontaneous and liberating. I do ‘art’ on the run. As I write this I am at my sons piano lessons.
It really is a new paradigm for me.

Best curves


Nature has the best curves. I’ve always liked the graceful lines of this cactus. There’s two of these plants in my front yard yet I chose to highlight someone else’s.



In that same suburban garden/jungle there are lots of pieces of wood laying around waiting for another purpose.
I found one purpose.
My abstract eye saw manmade diagonal lines interrupted by organic
curved ones.