This happens.

I’ve discovered a new app.

It called fused. Stick two images together and see what happens.

This happens. City skyline with huge drops of precipitation.


Colander art. 

There’s been a total eclipse in the USA. 

Reading the Guardian online I found an image of the eclipse as half moon shadows through this colander. 

I appropriated the image and modified it. 

Shadows + eclipse + colander  = art. 

Modern day appropriation. 

I’m quite chuffed with what I’ve done here. 

I found an image on the guardian newspaper online which has abstract possibilities to my eye. It’s an aerial view of bicycles in China. 

I modified it according to my sensibilities, and out came an Aboriginal style painting in the style of Kngwarreye

Modern day appropriation. 

My kind. 

I’m walking the dog and heavily invested into listening to a podcast. 

But I’m stopped in my tracks by this thick paint thrown against a wall. 

My kind of random graffiti.