Consumerism rant. 


As I was walking the dog, I came across this squashed can in someone’s driveway. 

The shiny colour set against a dull background made it stand out. 

I could do a ‘Warhol’ on this can, I thought.  Better still, it got me thinking.  A lot of technological ingenuity went into this object. More than a thousand years of chemistry was involved in learning how to extract valuable metal out of ore, especially aluminium. That’s just for starters. What about the chemistry behind the colours, and how they got fixed to the metal, let alone the fizz in the sugar water. What about the psychology behind the design?

A whole lot of knowledge and resources lie in that discarded can. This is my antidote to consumerism without a thought. 

I did the right thing and picked it up and carried to my recycle bin. 


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