reanimation rules!


Ah…the internet is a wondrous place.  A fellow blogger ‘liked’ my post which of course means that I check out their site.

When I did, I discovered another site called the reanimation library. This place digitizers old and out of print books which are visually rich in design.  This is like manna from heaven.

Now I can hang my  digital-age  abstractions on (not-s0) old world illustrations.

Todays post is a perfect example.  I joined a mathematical curved shape puzzle from here to scanned and manipulated images of texture.  The texture images were found whilst peering down a microscope when I was a scientist ‘plying my trade”.  My visual/artistic brain (then) was not repressed by my scientific rational brain.

Actually there is no clash.  Scientific enterprise and art are equally creative.

Pity they both don’t pay much.


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