An anniversary of sorts.

One years worth of...

One year ago late in May, this blog started.  Skooter’s Arty Ruminations.

I’ve enjoyed the challenge of creating something new.  Maintaining a blog means finding content.  Being a visual kind of guy,  finding new images to post is not hard.  Writing about the image is a little harder.

Its gotten easier to find things to say.   I just focus on the image, start writing and  often the title emerges quite easily.

I’ve had 2844 views all told, my most popular day had 77 views.   From May to Dec 2010 I was averaging 5 views per day.  So far this year I’ve more than doubled the views to 12 a day.

Hardly mind-blowing numbers for a blog.  But I enjoy doing it.  It’s like a visual journal for me.  Theres quite a few ideas expressed here that I will eventually pursue further.

Anyway, todays post celebrates  all 189 posts so far.

When I reach 365 posts then I will surely create a book.

“365 blog entries by an unknown artist emerging from suburban obscurity”

Better title suggestions will be gratefully received!


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