Colourful animalicules




Melita has this arts and crafts book with lots of projects to make.

One project was to make little monster animals.  This kept her occupied one afternoon of the school holidays.

For this post I simply scanned her artwork and multiplied the number of ‘animalicules’.

I’ll lay claim to the name, but I think I’ve borrowed it from a 16th century Flemish scientist who was the first to look down a microscope and describe what he saw, if my memory serves correct.

If I had seen these animalicules down the microscope during my scientific career, I would be a rich man now, or more likely, locked up in the looney bin.


One thought on “Colourful animalicules

  1. i luv it cuz i made it ad the way you layered the pics i really like how you did it cuz it makes it as thow i actually drew all of them…lol

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