Worm hole

Mesh portal


Not too long ago I played around with the kids gel-pens.  You know the sort, they leave a trail of sparkly gel with iridescent colours.  Great on paper; not so good on carpet, furniture, walls… 

I just drew some long lines roughly parallel to each other; it amused me for a while and then I stored the scribbles for some future use. Whoa-la.- Here is that future use. 

I scanned the drawing and some work with Photoshop left me with many variations.  The one shown today is my current fave.  It looks like a portal into another world.  A ‘worm hole’ that transports you from one part of the universe to another in a thrice. 

I could also change the colour of the piece in a thrice. 

Can’t do that with traditional techniques.


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