Layers revisited

Layers revisited

At the risk of being repetitious, Ive reworked my first post-‘layers’.  In similar fashion to ‘seashells to infinity’, I copied the original ‘layers’ image many times, distorted it, then blended the result.

Took years to learn how to work photoshop, but stuff like this comes to me easily now.  When something becomes easy, one tends to dismiss it or not regard it highly enough.  If I’d try to create an image like this years ago-I would’nt have known where to start.  With my practised eye and hardgrafting on the computer, plenty of new vista’s await.


One thought on “Layers revisited

  1. I like it. Would look especially good with the sealant over the top. I can see a boat and a sail buy I could be wrong!

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