Graceful Lily

Graceful lily

 By now it wont surprise you to know this image started life as a B+W negative.  Taken at a point in my life when I had time to smell the roses… lilies actually.

I did’nt take just one photo, and after considerable effort I have a whole series of re-created lilies.  And… they are for sale. 

This particular lily has such a graceful shape and nestles in a rich and dark green enviroment.  See what it looks like in the real world by clicking here at my etsy shopfront

This blog only posts the digital file.  At my etsy storefront , the lily series has hand-painted gel on its surface to give a 3 dimensional quality… like a painting.  Plus various tricks of the light that only interference acrylic colours can add. 

Also the print is mounted on a brushed aluminium panel which gives the artwork a real contemporary edge.


One thought on “Graceful Lily

  1. My absolute favourite. This has adorned every office cubicle I have had thus far. Love the original and all the variations.

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