Nice one.

Nice one.

Time to promote my kids.  This was  a  rare moment.  Both Mel & Jim in the same picture being civil.  No funny faces, grimaces and other facial contorsions that send me bananas.

They know  I like ‘natural poses’ but its unusual for them to deliver.  For me getting the ‘decisive moment’ is the aim but rarely achieved.  I would’nt describe this image as decisive as the kids are fully aware of whats going on and what is expected… but they actually deliver.  So this one is a keeper not because its brilliant and reveals an aspect of their uniqueness seldom seen but … its just nice.  

True to form, I altered it and had it printed on the side of a handbag.  I should remind Martha to use that bag.


2 thoughts on “Nice one.

  1. Hard to describe really. By using just the outlines of the faces with a gently coloured background cuts down on distractions and lets you focus on the facial expressions.

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