Slo-Mo Seashell

Slo-mo seashell

Delving into ‘history to find something new’ again,  I rediscovered these B+W negs (what else!) of seashells. I took a series of shots using a table lit with two lamps at 45 degrees to the table.

And yes it was in the ‘lab’.  I noticed that these seashells could rock back and forth by themselves for a short while if given a slight push.  My photographic brain at the time thought this might be interesting.

Twenty years later Im reaping the rewards.  I only worked on the image just couple of days ago.   It would have taken much more time and expense using the old ways of traditional darkroom chemistry-and not as fun.  I get instant results on the screen and easily save it for later use.  I just love photoshop.


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