Subtle Ganesha

Subtle Ganesha

Over a year ago, I was kindly asked to create a very large installation that involved the Hindu symbol Aum (guys – you know who you are!) . 

That work was completed and now hangs proudly.  Check out my website to see .   Anyway I came across lots of other Hindu dieties and settled on this particular version of Ganesh.

His image is found in most Hindu households but as in most cases this imagery is never subtle.   I like being subtle about most things;  you wont hear me shout ( Melita and Jimmy may have other thoughts on this statement).

Likewise with my art.  By incorporating Ganesha  he is less obvious but still there.  His primary role is to create as well as remove obstacles and anyone  trying  a career change will know about obstacles!

What I didnt know is that he is the patron of arts and science.  My kind of God.    

For me perhaps he removed an obstacle that was science… and created an even bigger one-the thought that I can create art!


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