Mysterious Cool

Mysterious cool

For once I have’nt manipulated this image at all.  And another first (for this blog)  is that the image is straight from my digital SLR. 

Any guesses as to what it is?

Yep… your right.  Its a long exposure (couple of seconds) of the wake caused by a cruise liner at sea.  My family enjoyed a 2 week cruise of the South Pacific not long ago. Cruise holidays are great fun if you have kids.  They’ve got lots to do which means the parents have very little to do-heavenly… 
Anyway the picture was taken from our balcony and focussing on the waves far below at night-hence the eerie green colour.  The camera was supported by the balcony so that long exposures could be taken.
I just love the  almost luminescent green bounded by fathomless black.  Of course I did’nt just take one photo… I might do a series on this theme.

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