Window of imagination

Inner calm

I don’t always start with a photo.

I ‘borrowed’ a graphic motif from a book of Indian folk design and superimposed  a scanned oil crayon drawing made more than 10 years ago.  After my usual computer manipulation this image emerged.  The colour combinations in this particular design (there are lots of other colours I experimented with)  remind me of meditation practice. 

Apologies to the spiritually constrained, but Im going to go a little deeper here. 

Our lives are constantly busy (the red/orange  framing).  If you allow yourself the time, you can experience an inner calm and peace  (the aquamarine colours), when viewed through the window of meditation (indian motif).

The veil that renders life opaque is infinitesimally thin and can be removed with the mere breath of imagination”  by Thomas Moore taken from ‘Original Self’


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