Scientific squiggles

Microscopic art

In another lifetime when I used to be a scientist (actually learning to be one rather than a fully fledged one earning real dough) , I spent a lot of time peering down a microscope.

It was in this particular lab that my interest in photography really blossomed perversely enough.  It had a darkroom.  Before the advent of digital cameras, everyone in the lab was responsible for taking & developing their own films.   So… I developed non-scientific stuff as well. 

The image above started off as a pattern formed by dried gel on a slide.  The microscope had a film camera attached so I took pictures of this pattern. It was far more interesting than the scientific subject I was supposed to be looking at. 

As seems to be the pattern of late, I rediscover  film, scan it, and play around in photoshop.   With this image I superimposed some of my own squiggly artwork as well.  Its a curious creation of science and art.  More art than science now but it did start off as a curiousity looking down a microscope.  No scientific discovery, but certainly an artistic one for me.


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